Sungho Jin, Ph.D


Senior Scientific Advisor

  • Member, US National Academy of Engineering
  • Professor Emeritus, UCSD
  • MRS, APS, ASM, and TMS Fellow
  • Editor: Acta Materialia, Materials Science & Engineering B, JMR and JOM
  • Inventor on 220+ US Patents
  • 400+ Publications
  • PhD – UC Berkeley, MS – UC Berkeley, BS – Seoul National University


Sungho Jin, PhD is the original co-inventor of nanotube arrays designed as surface treatments for medical implants. He is a world-renowned researcher in the field of functional materials used in applications ranging from magnetic devices and electronic devices to optical telecommunications networks. Dr. Jin is involved in R&D of micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) devices and materials; exploratory bio-materials and devices; carbon nanotube materials on which future nano-scale devices can be based; and sensor/actuator devices and technologies. He has also been a pioneer in the development of high-temperature superconductor materials, colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) materials, diamond film thinning techniques, anisotropic conductive polymers, and new, environmentally safe, lead-free solders that he has championed since the early 1990s. He also invented magnet sensor materials now widely used in anti-theft security tags in retail stores. With over 200 patents to his name, Dr. Jin can discuss intellectual property issues and is developing a course on inventions and patents. Prior to his recent retirement, he was Distinguished Professor of Materials Science in the Departments of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UCSD and held Iwama Endowed Chair. He also served as the Director of the university-wide Materials Science & Engineering Program at UCSD for the past 13 years. He joined Bell Laboratories at Murray Hill, New Jersey in 1976 as Member of Technical Staff and later became Technical Manager to carry out forefront materials/devices research for 26 years

Dr. Jin’s scientific accomplishments have been recognized with many awards and honors, including an election to the US National Academy of Engineering (1999), Fellow of American Physical Society (2003), Fellow of American Society for Metals (1994), TMS Fellow (2000), and inaugural MRS Fellow (2008). He received various awards including the John Bardeen Award (2007), Nano 50 Award (2005), the Albert-Sauveur Achievement Award (2009), the CRS Jorge Heller JCR Award (2012), the TMS Functional Materials Division Distinguished Service Award (2015), and the TMS Acta Materialia Gold Medal (2016). He also received the Ho-Am Engineering Prize from Ho-Am Foundation in Korea in 2000 (the most prominent honor in Korea in science and technology). Dr. Jin also contributed to the profession by serving as Principal Editor of Journal of Materials Research (1998 – 2005), as Editor of Acta Materialia (2007–present), as Guest Editors for three JOM Special Topics Series in 1997-1998 on various functional materials, and as Editor for Electronic Packaging, New Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Technology (1999). Business Week magazine selected him as one of the Top Ten Innovative Scientists in the country (1989).

He earned his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering in 1974 from UC Berkeley. The pioneering and leadership nature of his work is evident by his publications (400+ including 10 in Nature or Science), Science Citation Index (17,000+), US Patents (250+ issued or pending), and invited or keynote talks (140+) at major professional societies.

About Us

Starting in the mid 2000’s, the founders of Nanovation Partners LLC sponsored research at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) in the lab of Sungho Jin, PhD. This research showed enhanced osseointegration and reduced implant surface infection by forming thousands of rows of tiny metal oxide nanotubes

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