Licensed Intellectual Properties

Nanovation partners has many licensed Intellectual Properties within the Medical Industry

Nanotechnology Engineers

Our Team is highly trained in nanoscale science, engineering and Medical device implant technology.


Nanovation works with OEM partners to license its technology.

Implant Surface Nano-Enhancement

Improved Patient Experience and Surgical Outcomes by:

  • Enhancing ingrowth to more quickly secure implants
  • Providing antimicrobial barrier to reduce infection
  • Increasing durability of implant ingrowth surface
  • Reducing manufacturing costs

Our Goal

Our goal is to help OEM in Orthopaedics efficiently and cost-effectively integrate nanotechnologies to their existing technological platforms, strengthen their competitiveness and positively impact patient care

Nanovation works with OEM partners to license its technology.

Elongated cell morphology characteristic of osteoblasts on TiO2 nanotubes

Hundreds of millions of nanotubes on the implant surface create a super-hydrophilic nano-interface that attracts the cell outer membrane which enhances osseointegration.


What is being said about Nano technology

About Us

Starting in the mid 2000’s, the founders of Nanovation Partners LLC sponsored research at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) in the lab of Sungho Jin, PhD. This research showed enhanced osseointegration and reduced implant surface infection by forming thousands of rows of tiny metal oxide nanotubes

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